What is electric vehicle and its importance?

Today, there are several electric vehicles in the world. The history of electric vehicles began with the invention of the battery. A battery stores energy for an electric vehicle. The first electric vehicle was created to move a carriage. The first electric car was created by English inventor and engineer, George Smith. The electric car was called the “Traction Battery.” It was the first to use a lead acid battery.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a type of environmentally friendly vehicles that are powered by electricity.

An electric vehicle is a self-propelled vehicle which runs on electric energy. These vehicles use electricity as a source of energy rather than petrol, diesel or natural gas. The batteries used in these cars are rechargeable and can be recharged at charging stations. With the rise in awareness about climate change and environment conservation, more and more people are buying electric cars. These energy efficient vehicles are now a part of the lifestyle in several developed countries. However, there are still some parts of the world where electric cars are yet to gain popularity.

They use electricity to move and are charged using electricity from the power grid.

An electric vehicle is a battery-driven vehicle that runs on electric power generated by the battery. It runs on electric power obtained from charging the battery. The electric vehicles are commonly used for personal transportation. These vehicles are quiet as they use a little fraction of the sound created by an internal combustion engine. They are also very efficient. The impact of these factors is that the use of electric vehicles has reduced the levels of carbon dioxide emissions.

EVs have several advantages over conventional vehicles such as gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

A conventional car has a combustion engine that converts chemical energy stored in petrol or diesel into mechanical energy. The energy stored in the petrol or diesel is used to power various machines in the vehicle. In an electric vehicle, the energy is stored in the form of electrical energy. The energy is stored in the batteries that are located either under the bonnet or in the car’s body.

They are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The electric vehicle is a battery powered, four-wheeler which runs on electricity instead of petrol. These electric cars are quiet, do not emit any carbon dioxide, and can also be charged from the grid in the same way as your home appliances. The charging time for an electric vehicle is much faster when using a fast charging station, which is why these are popular choices among people who are looking to travel long distances.

They are more efficient and produce less CO2.

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that runs on electricity. These electric vehicles are fitted with batteries which store the electrical energy generated by its electric motor. The electric motor is powered by the stored energy in the battery. The batteries are charged when you plug it in the charging station. A fully charged battery can run an electric vehicle for about 300km.

They cost less to operate.

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that runs on electricity and is powered by a battery that stores electrical energy. It does not run on petrol or diesel. A rechargeable battery stores energy generated by the electric motor. The rechargeable batteries are recharged using an electric grid. We are still dependent on electricity to recharge the batteries in an electric vehicle.

They have a longer range and faster charging times.

In recent years, electric vehicles have made one significant step towards mainstream adoption. Being a clean, silent, and pollution-free option, electric vehicles have taken over the market in many developing countries. Today, there are buyers who have made an investment on electric vehicles owing to the lower maintenance costs, lower depreciation, and longer lifetime. The electric vehicles are not a new concept. The idea of electric cars has been around for over a century. With the advancement in technology, we can now have a faster charging time and a longer range.


If you’re wondering what is electric vehicle, it’s a type of vehicle that runs on electrical energy and does not use petroleum. There are two main types of electric vehicles – they are fully electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. A fully electric vehicle uses only electricity as a source of power. A hybrid electric vehicle uses a combination of electric energy and traditional fuel, such as petrol or diesel.

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