Is Polestar made by Volvo?

The brand was founded by Volvo’s former head of passenger car R&D, Carlit Pernstorff. He was responsible for the brand’s branding, but also for the development of the brand’s first cars.

Polestar is a performance arm of Volvo—it’s like the Ferrari or Porsche of Swedish cars.

No, Polestar is not a subsidiary of Volvo. Instead, it’s a separate entity that works with the Swedish automaker to build and sell high-performance versions of their cars. While Volvo itself produces the regular versions of the XC90, S90, and XC40, Polestar adds a bunch of high-performance upgrades, like a souped-up engine and sporty styling.

Their blog is a great resource for information.

They’re great at making high-performance cars.

While Polestar is technically an independent company, its cars are built by the same people who build Volvo cars. In fact, the company started as an in-house division of Volvo. The engineering teams are the same and the production lines are shared. The only thing that’s different is that Polestar is entirely focused on electric cars and hybrids.

And they’re great at marketing them.

The Polestar brand doesn’t technically belong to Volvo, although it does share the same corporate parent company: the Swedish energy company, the Zoch group. However, Volvo is involved in the project, and the company offers the cars for sale through its dealerships.

They don’t just sell to enthusiasts; they also have a production car for the average buyer.

While the two companies share some things in common, they are two separate organizations with distinct visions and goals. Volvo is owned by the Chinese Geely Automotive company. In contrast, Polestar is owned by Volvo’s former performance arm, Volvo Car Corporation, and it operates independently. This gives both brands different priorities and a different business model.

The Polestar S is a great example of this—it’s a high-performance sedan with a reasonable price.

If you’re wondering whether the Polestar brand is made by Volvo, the short answer is yes. The company in Sweden that makes the Polestar, however, isn’t Volvo. It’s a joint venture between the two companies called Polestar Engines and Volvo Car Group. While the engine for the Polestar 1 is made by Volvo, the bodywork is designed by Volvo’s former styling department.

However, it’s important to note that the Polestar name and logo are owned by Volvo.

Yes, Polestar is a subsidiary of Volvo and is headquartered in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, which is where Volvo was actually founded. The two companies have been working together for over 30 years to perfect the electric car experience. While the first Polestar cars were hand-built, the company recently moved to using robots for a portion of the production.

This is why you’ll sometimes see different models of the same car with different names—Volvo and Polestar aren’t the same company.

The short answer is no. Volvo was formed by merging several Swedish car companies in 1948. One of those companies was the Volvo Ocean Race team. In 2010, the team was purchased by the Chinese company Geely and became known as Volvo Ocean Race Team and Volvo China. In 2016, the team was spun off as an independent company known as Polestar. In 2018, the company was purchased by the Swedish investment firm EQT to form the new Polestar brand.


The short answer is no, Polestar is not made by Volvo. They are owned by the Polestar consortium, which includes Volvo, the Swedish state and several other investors. However, Volvo does provide assistance to the company, including design input and some marketing. The result is a “Swedish” premium brand that is just as much of an independent business as its parent company.

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