How much does Polestar cost in NZ?

The base price for a Polestar 1 is NZ$249,000. This means that the cheapest you can buy one is around NZ$9,000 more than the Toyota Corolla. The Polestar S costs NZ$339,000, while the Polestar 2 is NZ$369,000.

The price of a new Tesla will vary depending on several factors, including where you live and what options you choose.

The entry-level Tesla Polestar will cost $143,000NZ, which is about $61.5k more than the base price of the Tesla Model 3. If you fancy the Tesla Model S or X, you can expect to pay around $200k for the entry-level model. The company is also planning to offer more affordable options for the Polestar 2, which will be aimed at the sub-$50k market.

While the cost of a new Tesla could be as much as $200,00you may find a used Tesla for significantly less if you’re willing to wait.

The entry-level Tesla costs around $76,500 in NZ, but if you upgrade to the most expensive trim level you can get an all-electric four-wheel drive with a range of up to 373km for around $177,500. However, the Tesla S can be had for around $84,500 with all-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive option adds around $2000 to the price.

A new Tesla is not the only EV option available, and their costs will vary depending on which one you select.

The new Tesla S is pretty expensive, with the entry-level model starting at $72,500. However, you can opt for the Polestar S, which is essentially the same car but with a few extra features, which will reduce the price by several thousands.

If you’re willing to wait, you may be able to find a used Tesla for a fraction of what you’d pay for a new one.

In New Zealand, the starting price for a Tesla is approximately $72,500 for the entry-level Tesla S and $86,500 for the long-range Tesla model. That’s before any discounts or rebates, so you’ll want to check the current pricing on used Teslas in New Zealand before committing to buying one. If you already have a used car, it may be worth checking into leasing a Tesla for a while.

The price of a new Tesla will likely go up over time, so the sooner you purchase, the more you’ll save.

The base price of the 2020 Tesla Polestar 2 is $156,500 in NZ dollars. This includes the $5,500 destination fee and the mandatory $1,500 purchase fee. This puts the Polestar 2 slightly more expensive than the $155,000 base price of the Jaguar I-Pace.

The price of a new Tesla will vary based on where you live.

Pricing for the Polestar 2 will start at $149,000 in the U.S. for a base S, rising to $169,000 for the high-end R. The cheapest model in New Zealand will cost around $291,000, while the most expensive will cost $479,000.

You may see a significant price difference between the cost of a new Tesla in New Zealand and Tesla in the United States.

If you’re a European resident looking to buy a Tesla but are worried about the cost, you might be interested in the Polestar model. It’s not just a rebranded Tesla, it’s a whole new car and brand that comes with features like high-speed charging, advanced safety features, and a host of other features that have been engineered specifically for the demands of electric car driving.


The base price of a Polestar is $180,000 in New Zealand. However, if you want to get your hands on one of the very first cars produced, you’ll need to pay an extra $25,000 as the first 100 cars sold will be given to pre-order buyers.

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